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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for College for Homeschoolers

Does the thought of preparing for college with your homeschooled teen intimidate you? I've compiled lotsa links from all over the web to reassure you today!

Are you intimidated by the thought of preparing for college with your homeschooled highschooler?  It’s a common feeling, so you are not alone.  But now there is so much information on the internet to help in this endeavor that you can have every assurance of success!

Many resources out there, though, are aimed at public school students.  It can be hard to find articles specifically geared towards homeschoolers.  So I thought I’d bring all of the best information, written for those of us who are homeschooling high school, together in one place — so you don’t need to go searching for it yourself!

Below you’ll find oodles of  the most helpful articles about many of the topics surrounding the task of preparing for college — and even those about alternatives to college.  Many of them are my own, but many more are from other great bloggers around the web!  So grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and settle in for a wonderful information-gathering session!  Also, pin this article so you can come back to it whenever you have a question. 🙂

Does the thought of preparing for college with your homeschooled highschooler intimidate you? Look no further for all the info you need to be successful meeting all the requirements. I've compiled lotsa articles from all over the web to reassure you today!

Note:  I have included articles solely for their content in regards to preparing for college; views of these bloggers on other topics, such as religion or politics, may not coincide with my own.

General Articles about Preparing for College

Preparing for College Independence: 6 Ways to Help Your Child

College Preparation for the Homeschooled Teen: How You Can Be SURE You’re Doing Enough

How We Are Preparing Our Homeschooled Kid for College

10 Ways to Prepare for College

Getting My Child Ready for College

3 Key Elements of a Successful Transition from Homeschool to College

4 College Skills to Learn in Homeschool High School

Preparing for College: 10 Steps

Preparing Your Homeschooler for College

Maybe College Isn’t Where Your Child is Headed

An Amazing College Alternative You’ll Want to Know About: a detailed look at the Praxis Apprenticeship Program

College is Not the Only Option for Your Homeschooled Teen. Really.

Life After High School: Alternatives to College

What Your Teen Must Do to Have a Successful Gap Year

Preparing for a Career Without College

Alternatives to a Traditional College Degree

What if My Highschooler Doesn’t Want to Go to College?

College Alternatives for Homeschoolers

Preparing for Adulthood

Career Exploration Curriculum by 7 Sisters

50+ Tasks for Teenagers to Prep for Adulthood

40+ MORE Tasks to Prep Teenagers for Adulthood

20 Inspiring Quotes for Your Teenager

Teaching Financial Responsibility

How to Raise an Adult

10 TED Talks Your Teen Needs to Watch Before Graduation

6 Life Skills for Teens

Preparing Your Teen’s Heart for Graduation

Top 10 Life Skills Kids Need Before College

High School College Prep Curriculum

The Easy First Step for High School Curriculum Planning

The Easy 2nd Step for High School Curriculum Planning

Planning Your Homeschool High School Requirements: Core Courses

A Homeschooler’s Guide to College

Top Curriculum Picks for Aiming towards College

8 Tips for Homeschooling to College

The Ultimate List of High School Credit Courses

10 No-Fail Strategies for Choosing High School Curriculum

Record-Keeping in High School

How to Make an Impressive Homeschool Transcript — with fillable PDF

Homeschool Record Keeping

Comprehensive Record Solution

High School Course Record Form

Homeschool High School Volunteer Log

How to Build an Online Portfolio

Homeschool High School Recordkeeping: Reading List

How My Teens Made College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts

How to Make the Most of Senior Year on the Homeschool Transcript

How to Build a College Portfolio for Your Homeschooled Highschooler

Homeschool High School Recordkeeping

Teen Reading Portfolio for College Admissions

Advanced Credit

What is a CLEP Exam?

Why Take a CLEP Exam?

How to Schedule a CLEP Exam

CLEP Exam Study Resources

Failed CLEP Exam — Now What?

How to Start with Credit by Exam

A Homeschooled Student’s Guide to CLEP Tests

Earn College Credit While Homeschooling High School

How Dual Credit Works for Homeschooled Students


College Entrance Exams Q&A

Homeschool SAT & ACT Practice

SAT Math Practice (& ACT also) with Mr. D!

ACT Test Prep

The Official SAT Question of the Day

Hack the SAT review

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SAT

How to Prep for College Admission Tests

What You Need to Know about the New SAT

How to Prepare Your Child for the College Admission Exams

College Search & Application Process

College Tour Do’s & Don’ts

The Truth about How to Look Good on College Applications

The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Simple Guide to the College Search

Homeschoolers’ College Admissions Handbook Review

When to Start the College Application Process

Making Your College Choice

3 Steps for Creating the Ultimate Graduate Admissions Essay

5 Tips to Help Get College Acceptance for Homeschool High Schoolers

4 Reasons to Choose Community College for Homeschool Graduates

Writing the Personal Essay

Essential College Interview Tips for Homeschoolers

4 Tips for Writing College Application Essays

College Life

What to Expect When Dropping Off Your College Freshman

Parenting: Two Types of College Students

Easing Your Transition When Your Child Goes Back after College Break

10 Pieces of Advice You Should Give to Your Beginner College Student

8 Tips for Keeping Your Faith at College

Practical Strategies for Preparing Your Child for College Life

Paying for College

College Savings Plan with Future Advisor

Find Great-Paying Jobs to Fill Your Piggy Bank between High School and College

How to Afford College — 6 Practical Ways to Avoid Student Debt

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Students with Dyslexia

Talking to Your Teen about College Debt

12 College Scholarship Ideas for Homeschoolers

Finding College Scholarships

Normal Family Big Scholarships

Must-Have Products

Our Recommended College Supply List — What Your Student REALLY Needs

Fun Frugal Dorm Room Ideas

Organizational Tools for College, and College-Bound Students

College Packing List

Are there more articles about preparing for college out there?  Yes, there are.  But these will get you started, and this way you can avoid hours of searching Pinterest to find those that are helpful.

In fact, another way to save time would be to follow my Pinterest board entitled Preparing for College.  I continue to add new links daily, so you’ll always have a place to go to easily find the information you need!  (Another really helpful board is my Easy High School Homeschool board.  With over 250 pins and counting, you will have access to the best that the internet has to offer about homeschooling your teen(s)!)

In the meantime, remember that preparing for college becomes less intimidating as you educate yourself about it more.  So read as many of these articles as possible, and you’ll be rockin’ this homeschool high school thing! 🙂

Today I’m linking up at the iHomeschool Network, where everyone is providing Ultimate Guides for all sorts of homeschool topics!!  Click the image to go check it out!


About the author

Ann Karako

Ann has been homeschooling for 20+ years and has graduated four children (one more to go). She believes that EVERY mom can CONFIDENTLY, COMPETENTLY -- and even CONTENTEDLY -- provide the COMPLETE high school education that her teen needs. Ann's website, AnnieandEverything.com, offers information, resources, and virtual hugs to help homeschool moms do just that. 

Ann has written Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: A Step-by-Step Manual for Research & Planning and Save Your Sanity While Homeschooling High School: Practical Principles for a Firm Foundation. She also founded the popular Facebook group called It's Not that Hard to Homeschool High School, which now has over 27K members; and recently she started the It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast.

She and her family, including two dogs and three cats, live in rural Missouri.


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