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Episodes 26-28: Preparing for the SAT, ACT, & CLT with Jean Burk

Phew, those pesky tests are so intimidating, but they can make a huge difference in how much you have to pay for college!

The guest for the next three episodes, Jean Burk, got FREE RIDES for both of her kids using the strategies that she has now put into her test prep course called College Prep Genius. She knows her stuff, y’all, and she is truly fun and fascinating to listen to. Get ready for a great ride as we discuss all about her course and also about all your questions regarding the SAT, ACT, and CLT!

Note: These episodes have a little bit of static from time to time, due to a non-ideal internet connection during the interview. You can still clearly understand everything that is said. I do apologize for any inconvenience or annoyance.





Part 1 (Episode 26):

In this episode we talk about Jean’s curriculum for learning all of the tricks and strategies she taught her own kids for how to conquer the SAT. But there is also great information about the tests themselves that you won’t want to miss. One of the things that is super helpful is hearing why these tests are used and why they are important for homeschoolers. Jean will wow you with her knowledge and down-to-earth outlook!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jean’s test prep course: College Prep Genius – use code ANNIE30 for $30 off the comprehensive package!

Jean’s SAT Bootcamps

The College Board – the SAT test people


Classic Learning Test

FREE Mini Course: College Prep Genius Mini Course

Part 2 (Episode 27):

This discussion with Jean contains more great info about the SAT, ACT, & CLT, including why schools give scholarships based on these scores, what type of score is necessary for a scholarship, is it necessary to take them multiple times, when should your student start preparing, etc etc etc. Jean is a wealth of information; she really knows her stuff! Listen and be informed about this very important topic for your kid’s future.

Resources mentioned in this episode (contains referral links):

College Prep Genius — use code ANNIE30 for $30 off the Comprehensive package!

Testimonials for College Prep Genius

Part 3 (Episode 28):

What is the difference between the ACT, SAT, & CLT anyway? Haven’t you wondered that? I know I have. In this episode Jean tells us exactly what we need to know, and we spend a bit of time learning more about the CLT, since it’s newer and not everyone has heard of it. Other topics discussed are when you should start working with your kid to prepare for these, how long do they really get per question, and why do some “smart” kids still have trouble with these silly things? LOTSA valuable info AGAIN. 

Resources mentioned in this episode (contains referral links):

Classic Learning Test — CLTexam.com — use code CPG18 for 50% off registration!


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