Episode 60: When the Homeschool High School Plan Needs to Change

You can be swimming along and then things aren’t going so well anymore. Homeschooling high school is all about adapting, and so you may realize that it’s time for something to change. Often this involves a change in the overall homeschool high school plan, not just tweak like a new curriculum choice.

But no fear; this does not have to be a big deal! In fact, if there’s one constant when homeschooling high school, it’s that change WILL happen, LOL!

In this episode we discuss reasons why you might want to change the overall plan, how to change the plan, and what the key factors are to keep in mind as you do so.

Be encouraged!


Sometimes you need to change the homeschool high school plan. Learn when it's good to do so and how -- so that everyone stays happy!

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Episode 60: When the Homeschool High School Plan Needs to Change

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