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Episodes 41-43: The College Application Process for Homeschoolers – with Pat Wesolowski

WOW, talk about a veteran homeschooler, Pat Wesolowski homeschooled for THIRTY-TWO YEARS and is now the Homeschool Specialist at Bryan College. She chats with us in these episodes about the college application process for homeschoolers, including tips about timing, standardized tests, scholarships—all the stuff you wanna know!

It’s a fun conversation as she also shares a little bit from her own life as a homeschool mom. Be encouraged to hear how someone else has been successful homeschooling all the way through high school.






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These episodes are sponsored by Bryan College, a small conservative Christian college in east Tennessee.

Bryan College offers online and on-campus options, many majors, and a beautiful environment in the Smoky Mountains. Plus they’ve lowered their tuition 40%! Definitely worth checking into for your teen! And you can email Pat if you have any questions; her email address is in the show notes.

Episode 41 (Part 1):

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Contact Pat: pat.wesolowski@bryan.edu

Episode 42 (Part 2): Scholarships and Financial Aid

Pat Wesolowski has all the inside information about scholarships and financial aid! Listen to her great tips, including a cautionary story you don’t want to experience for yourself, the key difference between academic and athletic scholarships and how to make them work for you, as well as how important the PSAT can be (who knew?).

Pat has 32+ years homeschooling experience plus the know-how learned from being the homeschool admissions specialist at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. Definitely worth 20 minutes of your time!

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Contact Pat: pat.wesolowski@bryan.edu

Episode 43 (Part 3):

In this episode we hear more from Pat about what she did as a homeschool mom, the good and the bad, LOL. And she shares one crucial thing to work on when preparing our teen for college, as well as how we can support them once they get there. I love hearing from veteran homeschool moms, don’t you?

This episode sponsored by both Bryan College and PEMLIFE, creators of Personal Finance Illustrated®.

If you want your teen to learn a whole new way of looking at finances so they are fully prepared to make wise decisions that will set them up for financial stability, Personal Finance Illustrated® will give them that. This is not the same as every other course you’ve already heard about! You can choose from either a Standard (secular) option or a Biblically-based option, OR your teen can take this class for Dual Enrollment credit from Bryan College! 

With the unique model your teen learns in this course, they will fully understand what are the factors that affect their finances. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to money, y’all, unlike what is taught by other courses out there. Code Annie50 gets you $50 off!

You can see more about Personal Finance Illustrated for homeschoolers here (referral): PEMLIFE Website.

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Contact Pat: pat.wesolowski@bryan.edu



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Ann Karako

Ann has been homeschooling for 20+ years and has graduated four children (one more to go). She believes that EVERY mom can CONFIDENTLY, COMPETENTLY -- and even CONTENTEDLY -- provide the COMPLETE high school education that her teen needs. Ann's website, AnnieandEverything.com, offers information, resources, and virtual hugs to help homeschool moms do just that. 

Ann has written Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: A Step-by-Step Manual for Research & Planning and Save Your Sanity While Homeschooling High School: Practical Principles for a Firm Foundation. She also founded the popular Facebook group called It's Not that Hard to Homeschool High School, which now has over 27K members; and recently she started the It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast.

She and her family, including two dogs and three cats, live in rural Missouri.

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