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A natural deodorant that works — for gals AND guys!

If you can't find a natural deodorant that works, you need to check this out. It's effective even on MAN STINK! Better than any recipe I've tried!

Disclosure: I received some free product in exchange for this article.  But I was already a fan! 🙂

Trying to find a natural deodorant that actually does the job is a PAIN, am I right?

If you have experimented with them at all, you know that natural deodorants often miss the mark on getting rid of stink — especially on hot summer days.

I’ve been sorta-kinda crunchy for awhile now. (Definition of “crunchy,” in case you’re not familiar with the term: someone who has “adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons,” according to For me this means I have been trying to eat organic/gluten-free as much as is feasible and to use natural products wherever I can.

But the deodorant problem is REAL.

I tried making my own deodorant, y’all. And it was NOT happy.

First off, the coconut oil usually called for MELTS at 74 degrees, did you know that? Forget travelling with it — unless you are VERY confident of your ziploc bags. But who wants the hassle of the messiness, even at home?

Secondly, most natural deoderant recipes want me to add essential oils — which are EXPENSIVE. (They just are. You can tell me they save on doctor’s bills and yada yada, but the initial investment to get quality oils is ROUGH. I prefer — no, I NEED — a smaller outlay of cash at any given time. Yes, even if it means spending more in the long run. This is reality for many of us.)

And frankly, it was just too much fuss and bother to make my own. I hate cooking!! — and I discovered I’m not a fan of making homemade hygiene products, either. I’d rather buy something and save myself the time and mess.

So I began using a deodorant crystal (←this is an affiliate link, btw, so you can see what I’m talking about) — which was mostly fine. It did sting my armpits after shaving — but I put up with that in the name of crunchiness, lol.

Somewhere along the way, The Man jumped on the crunchy train.  He began wanting me to buy him natural soap and toothpaste — and he started using the deodorant crystal.

Guess what? The crystal didn’t work for MAN stink. Even the “for men” one — just sayin’. (The only difference is the packaging, y’all. A crystal is a crystal.)

Long story short — and many natural-deodorant-fails later — we were at our local natural market, trying to find yet another option (I’ll spare you the smelly details of all the brands we tried, lol) and the gal recommended this “local maker” that customers had been raving about.

The natural deodorant that works

Thus Sweet Girl Bath and Body entered our lives. Their deodorant WORKED for my man. And still does! (Don’t let the name fool you — it’s great for both gals AND guys!) So imagine how neat it was for me to find out a few months later that my daughter’s new homeschool co-op teacher was that same “local maker” of this amazing product! How cool is that? 🙂

If you can't find a natural deodorant that works, you need to check this out. It's effective even on MAN STINK! Better than any recipe I've tried! #naturalskincare #allnatural

(Since then we’ve gotten to know the Sweet Girl peeps pretty well. They are an amazing entrepreneurial family — everyone gets involved in making and selling Sweet Girl products! Their story might be encouraging to fellow homeschool entrepreneurs — don’t worry, I’ll be publishing it soon. 🙂 )

Sweet Girl All Natural Deodorant doesn’t melt while sitting in my cabinet — nor while travelling. It comes in several scents — essential oils already included, lol — and they all smell SCRUMPTIOUS. And did I mention it actually works?? Even on the hottest, stickiest days, and/or during a workout.

And a little goes a LONG way — so Sweet Girl deodorant lasts for months, making it actually fairly economical, compared to many others out there (that aren’t effective anyway, which means they are actually a WASTE of money, hello).

[UPDATE: I would be remiss if I did not tell you that over time, I had a skin reaction to the baking soda in the Sweet Girl deodorant. My husband still uses it and LOVES it; he won’t buy anything else. But if you are like me and have sensitive skin, their deodorant may not be for you. I am still on the lookout for an alternative — and I haven’t yet found anything as effective, which I am bumming about. SWEET GIRL IS WORKING ON A SENSITIVE-SKIN DEODORANT — and I get to be a beta tester! 🙂 — but they haven’t gotten it just right, yet. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime I still use and love their other products, so don’t give up on them altogether. :-)]

Guess what? Sweet Girl has a website chock-full of natural products!

Which means that ANYONE can buy their natural deodorant that works!! Not to mention all of their other all-natural products, which they developed originally to use on their eldest son who has severe eczema. That means you know they are all high quality! My absolute favorite is their lip balm (better than Burt’s Bees, imho), but they also have coconut-oil soap (my 14yo daughter LOVES it in the shower, and I use it on my face), diaper creme, bug repellent, bath salts, sunblock — and more.

And there is free shipping for orders over $50! WOOT!!


If you can't find a natural deodorant that works, you need to check this out. It's effective even on MAN STINK! Better than any recipe I've tried! #naturalskincare #allnatural
How about a gift set for someone special??

Sweet Girl makes saaa-weeet stuff!

Trust me when I tell you that their quality is top-notch. Read their testimonials — you’ll find out I’m not the only one who thinks they are the BEST!

So head to their online store to check it all out!  And when you craft your order, be sure to let them know in the comments that ANNIE SENT YOU! It makes them love me just that much more! LOL!


You can also follow them on social media!
Sweet Girl Bath and Body on Facebook
Sweet Girl Bath and Body on Instagram

As always, let me know what you think! Your feedback is important to me! 🙂

All images used by permission from Sweet Girl Bath and Body.

If you can't find a natural deodorant that works, you need to check this out. It's effective even on MAN STINK! Better than any recipe I've tried! #naturalskincare #allnatural

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  • I have sensitive skin and have also suffered through the burn of the crystal! Ha! I have found Native to work really well for me without any issues. I’m glad to know about this brand though!

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