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How to Put On Your WHOLE FACE in FIVE Minutes

You have to leave the house with no makeup on because you ran out of time to do it right. Or you throw on some blush and powder and hope for the best. And you feel very MEH every time you pass a mirror for the rest of the day.

Been there, done that? I have.

And the thing is, I am really NOT much of a makeuppy person. For years I ignored it altogether. But personally, since I have gotten OLDER (say that while coughing and you’ll know how I feel about it), I really have a NEED to help myself look good. And I’ve figured out how to do it without making a big production of it — which was half of why I eschewed the whole thing before. Can you relate?

What if I told you that you could have a COMPLETE, NATURAL look that hides all your bad spots and shows off all your good ones in about 5 minutes?

Redness? GONE. Blemishes? COVERED. Glowing look? OH YEA, BABY.

That mirror will LOVE you. And you will LOVE what you see.

Putting on your makeup in the morning has never been so easy and quick -- or inexpensive! Video included to show how you can look your best with little effort, time, or cost. #Maskcara #easymakeup


Yes, I realize I am using more than my usual amount of caps in this post. But I gotta say that I am CRAZY EXCITED about this new product that I found. I love it so much that I’ve started selling it. And anyone who knows me (or has tried to get me to sign up under them in an MLM) knows that I don’t do this lightly. Never done it before, in fact. I was waiting for a product I could really enthuse about — and that was reasonably priced.

Enter Maskcara Beauty.

The name comes from the founder, whose first name is Cara — hence the Mask-Cara. Get it? Lol. This lady KNOWS how to do makeup, and she has created a line that is SO EASY TO USE (caps again, because it is SO TRUE!) and VERY EASY ON THE WALLET.

Walmart prices? No. But the quality is far above drug-store cosmetics. And it lasts forever. And there is a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You don’t get that at Wally World if you have actually used the makeup.

The thing that makes Maskcara Beauty unique is their four-color compact and the way you use it. They call it HAC-ing, which stands for Highlight And Contour. You see, you can give yourself a great foundation with their highlighter (which incidentally provides a wonderful glow), contour your face (i.e. hide all the bad spots), do blush and lips (both with the same color) and also provide some nice shimmer in the important spots — all with one compact that costs less than $60.

I’m serious.

You spend about that much on any decent foundation that you find at Ulta or Sephora. And another $30 for the blush. And you probably forego contouring because you just can’t justify another pricey purchase. At least, that was me.

Oh, and I also do my eyes with it, did I mention that? 🙂

So literally the WHOLE SHEBANG — for about the cost of ONE product in the stores.

Maskcara Beauty does also have skincare and eyeshadows, but I haven’t gotten any of those. YET, lol.

For now I am just so happy with the IIID Foundation Compact (IIID means 3-D, because it gives your face dimension — you’re not flat, like you would be with just all-over foundation and blush) that I use it ALL THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING and have no real need for the rest.

And using the compact for everything is how you get it done in 5 minutes. Because you are not constantly searching for the next product to put on; it’s all right there in your hand.

You can use your own brushes or buy theirs. I only have two of theirs right now, but I mainly use just the 30-Second HAC brush. It has TWO ENDS — one wide, one narrow — so you can get to all the spots on your face.

OK, so I know you still need convincing. All of this verbiage has just been to get you prepped with the background you need. The real proof is in the VIDEO — yes, it’s been caught on tape, me putting on makeup. LOL.

Take a look, and notice these things:

  1. how effortlessly it all goes on — it’s cream-based, for easy blending and to make your skin look GREAT
  2. how I can bring out the good parts and downplay the bad parts with ease
  3. how NATURAL the end product looks
  4. the timer at the end!

So yea, I still look like a normal person when I’m done. Christie Brinkley I am NOT, lol. But I look like a more vibrant normal person, a put-together normal person. A person who looks her best with just a small (and short) amount of effort.

A person who FEELS GOOD — because I like how I look. And that’s important for us moms, since we spend much of our day cleaning up messes or wiping butts or trying to help our teen understand quadratic equations.

“It’s not important that you FEEL mahvelous, only that you LOOK mahvelous — and you. look. mahvelous.” LOL!

If you want to take a look at the Maskcara website, go here: Go to SHOP, and then FACE, and then PALETTES. You have the option to purchase a pre-built palette or to build your own custom palette.

Each color is $14, and when you buy four you get the compact for free! And free shipping!

Choosing your highlight color will be the most difficult part. I suggest buying three — the one you think you need, and then one on either side. Try them all, then return the two you don’t want. Some people like to keep two, and use something lighter under their eyes and darker everywhere else. If you do that, you can skip the illuminator until later.

I know you may have lots of questions — that’s what I’m here for! Feel free to contact me!

Putting on your makeup in the morning has never been so easy and quick -- and inexpensive! Video included to show how you can look your best with little effort, time, or cost. #Maskcara #easymakeup

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