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How to Homeschool High School

When I think of "how to homeschool high school," I think of

  1. what you need to know before you start
  2. what you need to know to plan the big picture
  3. what you need to know to organize the day-to-day aspects of scheduling, paperwork, etc.
  4. what you need to know to graduate your senior

So this page is broken up into those four areas, and in each section you can find all of my articles about that particular topic. Keep scrolling until you get to the one you're looking for!

This page is strictly for the nuts and bolts of how to homeschool high school, not the finer points of which exact curriculum to choose or how to handle your teen or how to prepare for college. Those types of articles can all be found by choosing the topic you need from the menu bar above.

I believe EVERY mom can confidently, competently -- and even contentedly! -- provide the high school education her teen needs. This is the place to start! My common-sense, non-intimidating approach to how to homeschool high school will have you feeling like this is actually a doable thing in no time!

Hi! I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Ann (aka Annie), a veteran homeschool mom of five. I believe YOU can do this homeschool high school thing!
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