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Curriculum Planning & Reviews

In the quest to be a confident and competent homeschool mom, we often start looking at homeschool high school curriculum FIRST. And we quickly become overwhelmed at all the methods and courses and possibilities out there, am I right?

What is more important to determine first is your homeschool high school curriculum PLAN.

After you've developed your plan, then you can choose curriculum that fits it. Decisions about which curriculum to use out of all the possibilities out there become much easier to make when you know the direction you're headed.

That's why I've started this page with all of my posts about curriculum planning first. If you don't have a plan yet, they are what will help you the most right now.

Only after you've decided what your teen needs to do coursewise should you then start looking at which curriculum to do it with. That's why all of my homeschool high school curriculum reviews are further down the page. Go there only when you're ready!

It's my job to help you along this path. I want you to feel CONFIDENT. Take each step one-by-one, without trying to decide too much at once, and you'll feel much more capable of providing the high school education your teen needs. I believe you CAN do it! :-)

BTW, all this information and much more can be found in my book called Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: a step-by-step handbook for research & planning. In there I go into much more detail about the entire planning process, so you can be confident that you are doing what is necessary to give your teen a great high school education -- and that you won't be ruining their life, lol. Plus it has printable forms for every step of the way, so you can organize your thoughts and keep track of your decisions. It's available as a downloadable ebook and also can be purchased as a paperback from Amazon. You can see more information about it here: Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: a step-by-step handbook for research & planning.

OK, now if you want to read reviews of various homeschool high school curriculum options in each individual subject, below are all the ones I have done.

When I look for curricula, I concentrate on just a few criteria that I prefer for our own homeschool:

  • not too much teacher involvement or preparation
  • as easy on the budget as possible
  • usually of a fairly challenging difficulty level (although that varies by subject)

Most of the curricula reviewed below do meet these considerations (and when they don't, I tell you). So you can be confident as you look through them that I only recommend what we ourselves would and do use! They are arranged by subject, so keep scrolling until you find what you need.

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