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Ann-Notated: Graduation Party Planning

Wow, I have my third grad this year!!  Can you say “trying not to dwell on all of life’s changes right now”??  We won’t be finishing the year until June (Phew!  I don’t have to deal with this just yet!), but for those of you with May graduates, this list of resource articles for everything from soup to nuts that you need to plan a graduation party might come in handy!!  I only choose the best stuff to show you on Ann-Notated, y’all, so grab a coffee and browse through these links.

Planning a graduation party soon? I've done the work for you and have found everything you need.

Fun Graduation Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Through College — I agree that this list is fun!  Saving By Design has collated some really neat ideas from all around the web.

Edible Crafts has a long list of ideas for graduation treats, including more ways to make treats that look like graduation caps than I would think were possible.  Why am I writing this while I am hungry?

20 Graduation Quotes at Time to Save will help as you write cards to family and friends that are graduating.

Party 411 has a free printable Graduation Party Planning Checklist.  I love it when someone has done half the planning work for me, and all I have to do is print it out and check it off!

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know — at Polka-Dotty Place.  Um, I don’t know all of them, myself.  But this would make a fun party game, wouldn’t it?  See who knows the most, or turn them into word scrambles or a word search.

Catch My Party has free downloadable Graduation Party Printables such as cupcake toppers and thank you cards (and more) in a neat chalk-board look.

Stockpiling Moms shows how to make a really cute Graduation Party Favor — a college survival kit.  Lotsa candy and several small items with a list of why each is included — so fun!

Songs for End of the Year Slideshows — This one is pretty self-explanatory.  But it’s a great place to start when looking for that perfect song, or maybe for that perfect playlist for the party.

Easy DIY Photo Booth — Sometimes “Easy DIY” stuff you find online isn’t really easy and/or doesn’t look very good, but this photo booth at Hoosier Homemade looks GREAT in both respects.

Graduation Party Guest Book Idea with Free Printable — I LOVE THIS IDEA.  Regular guest books are boring.  You’ll have to click to see what Must Have Mom did for her graduate!


Track of the Week:  You knew I would have to use Celebration by Kool and the Gang.  Hey, no judging, people.  This was BIG while I was growing up!

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