Episode 58: Getting your homeschooled teen a job

Overview: All your questions about getting a job for your homeschool student — answered! From a veteran homeschool mom’s experience with five teens!

This question gets asked all the time: can we use the teen’s job outside the home for homeschool credit?

In this podcast episode, I answer that one and many more about getting a job for your homeschool student.

Two of our kids had formal jobs, two others had less formal ones — and one didn’t get one at all. So all of my information is based on this varied experience! As always, there is no right or wrong answer here. After listening to the episode, do what you think is best for YOUR teen, YOUR family, and YOU!

Topics discussed:

  1. When getting a job for a homeschool student is a good idea vs. not so good
  2. What type of job to get
  3. How to get the job
  4. Paperwork needed
  5. How to handle the job itself
  6. Giving homeschool credit for the job — yay or nay


All your questions about getting a job for your homeschool student -- answered! From a veteran homeschool mom's experience with five teens!

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Episode 58: Getting a Job for your Homeschooled Teen

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