Episode 54: Preparing for College Academically

Overview: Preparing for college as homeschoolers may seem daunting. With these suggestions from a veteran homeschool mom your teen will be ready! (Text may include referral links.)

I’ve sent four kids off to college based on the courses listed on their homeschool transcript. Two graduated — one of those went on to get her Master’s degree, and the other is studying for CPA exams right now. One of the kids decided college wasn’t for her; not because of grades but because of inclination. She came home and decided to work full time instead (and is now out on her own). The fourth will graduate junior college with his associates degree soon. We’re pleased with these results!

We didn’t do anything super-duper magical to get them ready. Preparing for college academically entails a few common-sense tasks that will help grow your teen to handle the independence of college courses and the level of the work. You might discover it’s easier than you think.

As always, don’t listen to the voices saying you have to do all. the. things. Wait for the third item I mention for more understanding about that. :-)


Preparing for college as homeschoolers may seem daunting. With these suggestions from a veteran homeschool mom your teen will be ready!

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Episode 54: Preparing for College Academically

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2 thoughts on “Episode 54: Preparing for College Academically”

  1. Chelsea Raine

    Inspiring to know that I can get my kiddo through high school without completing all of the usual courses. He’s autistic and definitely not college bound and the thought of getting him through homeschool high school is challenging enough for this tired mama.

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