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A New Community for Christian Moms who are Homeschooling High School

 an online community for Christian moms who are homeschooling teens

You're trying to do what's best for your teen, but you feel so alone.

You started homeschooling with a bunch of great families, but as you approached the high school years they started dropping like flies, until now you are the only family (or almost, anyway) that thinks homeschooling should still be a thing for your teen. 

You all used to get together and talk homeschooling all the time, encouraging and supporting one another, but now you have no one to turn to when you are downhearted or have questions.

You've gone online to search for people who will help and understand, but on social media, someone is always arguing or being rude.

And there is the continual comparison game, with ordinary moms one-upping one another to prove that their lives are all roses and sunshine. So discouraging, especially when yours often isn't.

Not to mention the privacy issues with Facebook and other social media. It seems like they are reading your mind these days, targeting you for ads, deleting posts in groups you belong to, labelling you... sheesh.

As a Christian mom, you are getting tired of being battered by the world's mindset about homeschooling and parenting teens, anyway. You really just want to converse with like-minded women who hold the same things dear that you do.

What you need is a better place to hang out.

You need a safe, online community for Christian women who will encourage one another as they journey through the homeschool high school years. A place where:

  • You can stop in regularly to chat and ask questions and give (and receive!) virtual hugs.
  • You can let your hair down a little and know that you won’t be ridiculed or talked down to. 
  • You can dig deeper without worrying about trolls or arguing—because these moms want to build you up, not tear you down.
  • You can converse freely, without censoring your most cherished beliefs in order to "not offend."
  • You can know that your words are only being seen by people in the group, not by the Facebook gods or ad creators or scary people.
  • Mostly, you can just be fully YOU, talking about the challenges and joys of homeschooling high school as a Christian family with women who get it.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

HUGS for Homeschooling High School might be just what you are looking for.

HUGS is a group of Christian women just like you who are homeschooling their teens. Who will become good friends as you walk this road together—AWAY from the trappings of social media and all of its drama. These are women who:

  • desire deeper communication than the shallow Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram worlds that promise satisfaction but usually create discontent and frustration.
  • are in all stages of homeschooling high school — newbies to veterans — because we can all learn from one another.
  • know they don’t have all the answers but want to encourage others with grace and honesty.
  • believe the Bible and seek to live by it daily, even when online.

Why "HUGS"?

H stands for Help.

U stands for Understanding.

G stands for Grace, and 

S stands for Strength.

You'll get all of these things by being a part of HUGS. Whenever you log in, you'll feel like you're in a comfy, cheerful environment, chatting with friends and seeing what's new. You'll feel hugged!

In fact, a community like this could change the face of homeschooling high school not only for you but for others you interact with.

It could transform these years from a lonely, difficult, under-appreciated endeavor to one where women feel empowered and capable and supported and valued. Where women can lift up others and be lifted up by them in return, walking together through the homeschool high school years in a manner worthy of the Lord.

Features of HUGS:

  • A forum for discussion about every aspect of homeschooling high school.  Ask quesions and discuss all of the aspects of the homeschool high school thing from a Christian perspective. It's so freeing!
  • Additonal categories for conversing about other things a Christian mom deals with every day – her spiritual life, her homemaking, etc. As homeschool moms we have a unique spin on all the rest, don’t we? Why not bring it all together in one place?
  • Monthly themes so everyone is working on the same thing at the same time. It's fun!
  • A live Q&A at least once a month. Ask your questions in a group session where everyone can pitch in. This is a great way to make new friends! 
  • A resources section that is updated with new content regularly for members to utilize as they wish. This includes the Fill-In Transcript form which usually sells on Annie & Everything for $4.99. You get access to it free with your membership!
  • Ann is in the group regularly, answering questions and contributing new thoughts and content. You'll get exclusive first peeks at new products and insider info about what's going on behind-the-scenes at Annie & Everything. She also shares what's on her heart about all areas of life.
  • And as the community gets larger, there will be more and more opportunities for growth, education, and fun exclusive to group members. There may be live interviews of neato people in the homeschool high school world, curriculum unboxing sessions, book clubs, and more! The possibilities are endless!

HUGS for homeschooling high school is providing me a safe place to seek advice, encouragement, and prayer from other moms who have either already been there or going through these years just like me. It is not a place where you feel you have to have the perfect homeschool to participate or a place where you're being compared to someone else. This is where you can come with the real questions you need answers to—no matter how big or small!  —Christi B.

Would you like to join HUGS?

For just $10 a month, you can be a part of a growing, fun, encouraging, and COMFY online community. This group will be completely different than the ones you're in now, where you cringe every time you check your feed. In HUGS you can relax and actually enjoy yourself!

HUGS has been paused for the time being. It may be started up again in the future. If you are interested in getting information if the group becomes active again, please input your email address below.

Be a part of a movement towards sanity in online interaction again. Who needs the drama of social media?

How will I pay?

During the sign up process, you will enter your credit card information once, and then your membership will auto-renew every month. This is super convenient, and it also means that the group will always be there when you want (or need!) to check in. 

Heaven knows that there is nothing predictable about homeschooling high school, is there? You never know when you will need a TRUE friend—or group of friends—to lean on. Or you can be the one who comes alongside someone else who is struggling. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It's the body of Christ in action!

What if I don't like being in the group, or I can't afford it any longer?

If you are not satisfied with your experience in HUGS, or you no longer want to be a member for any reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You are in full control. No worries!

HUGS for Homeschooling High School has a personal feel. The live video chats provide an interactive platform with other homeschool moms. I feel there will be moms from various educational situations that may be able to provide help to other struggling moms in certain areas. At least, we can sense there are others who will listen to what we are going through! 
—Sandra B.

Hi, I'm Ann. I am a homeschool mom in the trenches.

I have graduated four children who have all been accepted to the colleges of their choice. My eldest obtained her Master’s degree. #2 decided not to do the college thing after all and is instead working at a job she enjoys. #3 spent a year studying in France and just graduated with a double major.  #4 took two years off after high school and just started at junior college. NONE of them were “ruined” by spending their high school years at home.

I have one left who is a homeschool high school junior. I'm still right there with you. But here's the thing: If I can do it—and I have—then you can, too.

I believe EVERY mom can CONFIDENTLY, COMPETENTLY—and even CONTENTEDLY—provide the COMPLETE high school education her teen needs.

But it sure would be nice to have friends along on the journey, am I right?