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Ann-Notated: Save Money On Groceries

Writing my post about Why I Love Aldi this week got me thinking about groceries.  Being frugal while food shopping is a HUGE topic, so I knew there would be lots of great information out there in blog-land.  And there is!  Check out these helpful articles on how to save money on groceries:

A roundup of articles with tips to save money on groceries -- including a printable master grocery list.

Meal Plan for Two Weeks and Only Grocery Shop Once — This post goes great with my two-week menu plan.  New Leaf Wellness gives tips on how to grocery shop only once every two weeks, including a free calendar printable and some yummy meal ideas.

Grocery Budget Basics: Creating a Price Book — I have been following Don’t Waste the Crumbs for years.  Here she gives us a tutorial on how to do one of the most foundational tasks of saving money on groceries:  making a price book.  Once you’ve got this done, it’s much easier to know what is a good buy.

Free Grocery Shopping List Organizer — Fantabulosity has made a free printable master grocery shopping list, organized by how you might find things in the store.  When I have one of these, planning and shopping is so much easier and faster!

One Weird Trick Saves Me $125/month in Groceries! — I saw the title and just had to click on it.  You know what?  I think her idea is a really good one!  But you’ll have to click, too, to find out what it is!! 🙂

Step by Step Grocery Shopping with a Thrifty Person — Want the nitty gritty about saving money on groceries?  Snail Pace Transformations takes us through each step of her process.

The Minimalist Guide to Grocery Shopping — I can say from personal experience that this is the BEST way to save on groceries.  Head on over to Intoxicated on Life to see what it is.

Track of the Week:  I love the Piano Guys.  Their cover of Rolling in the Deep is just a treat… gorgeous, soulful — and no bad words. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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