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Ann-Notated: Lists of Good Books for All Ages

We’ve been talking about reading a bit this week.  And I can guarantee we’ll be talking about it again, lol.  I thought that with all my encouragement to provide bargain books for our kids, I should also provide recommendations of what books to get!  So I asked some blogging buddies to help me out.  What we have here today is a list of lists — recommended books for readers of ALL ages.  If you’re ever stuck wondering what to read, come on back here and peruse.  (Standard disclaimer: I am not personally familiar with all of the books on these lists.  Please use your own discretion when choosing books for your child.)

This week I've collected recommendations of good books for all ages from fellow bloggers. Be sure to pin this one to refer to later!

100 Great Books for Kids  — Misty at Joy in the Journey literally does have 100 books on this list. (I know because I counted, lol.)  These are for preschool-8th grade.

Adventures with Jude has two lists — one for her boys (PK, 1st, and 10th grades), and one for her girl (mid-elementary).  The great thing about these lists is that they include a link to a corresponding lapbook with each recommendation.

14 Book Series for Upper Elementary Boys — Chestnut Grove Academy presents a list of chapter book series.  I love finding a good series, because that means at the next trip to the library we already know what to get!

Book Recommendations for Advanced Tween Readers  — this post at Simply Healthy Mama was written by a tween to recommend books for tweens!  Gotta love that!

13 Great Children’s Books — And this is another post of recommendations from a young person. (Scroll down to see the article.)  Isn’t that neat?  Great readers make great writers!!

Davonne Parks offers several lists for us adults — after all, we like to read, too:

Books for Young Readers — Karyn at Teach Beside Me has a lengthy list of recommendations for young readers.  I love seeing how many of these are on more than one list — you know it’s good, then!

More Books Children Love — the reviews on this list of books for boys were written by Karen Childress’s son.  She has other lists, too:  one each from her oldest daughter, her youngest daughter, and herself.

Movies Based on Favorite Books for Grades K-5 — Now this is a fun one: a list of books for children that have movies based on them.  Tara at Embark on the Journey gives the link for both the book and the movie.  Another nice long list!! 🙂  (And she’s actually got several lists on her site — just type “what to read” in her search box.)

Here’s a glimpse of a few of the best Dr. Seuss books: Dr. Seuss Books for Early Readers.  I’m thinking a look around the It’s Fundamental site would yield lots of good suggestions, since Crystal’s focus there is doing book reviews.

And last but not least, I’ll include my own lists:

Have fun browsing, y’all!  And you don’t even have to leave the coziness of your own home!

Track of the Week: All this talk about books means I could only pick one song:  Marian the Librarian from The Music Man.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a good clip of the incomparable Robert Preston; but Matthew Broderick does a credible job in this one.

Have a great weekend!

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