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Ann-Notated: How Others Handle Income Tax Filing & Organization

In keeping with my recent post about organizing the paperwork in your life, I thought it would be a good plan to round up some other resources for income tax filing time.  I know my method of organizing won’t work for everyone, so here are a few more to choose from.  There are also some free printables to help record all the numbers and keep track of the necessary documents, as well as some DIY projects to make everything pretty.

There’s something for everyone today, as is usually the case every week here on Ann-Notated!  Grab your favorite warm beverage and spend some time!

Income tax filing got you down? I've got a list of articles from all over the web about how to get organized, tips to remember, and even DIY file storage options. Take a look and make sure you've got everything covered!

Resource Articles for Income Tax Filing and Organization

3 Reasons to Prepare Your Own Taxes, Plus DIY Tax Filing Tips — Single Moms Income encourages us that we can do this income tax filing thing and gives tips to make it possible.

Printable Tax Information Forms — Thirty Handmade Days has made some really cute printables to organize your information with.  I love pretty printables, don’t you?

How to Organize Your Taxes  — This is a very thorough treatment, by A Bowl Full of Lemons, especially for business owners.  The blue lamp in her pictures is worth clicking the link for! 🙂

Simple Ways to Organize Your Taxes to Save You Money — Here’s another organizing system from The Budget Mama.  She talks about a spreadsheet that she updates regularly.  Sounds like a great idea!

Tax Prep Checklist — Creative Savings has a free printable checklist to help you remember all the documents you will need for income tax filing.

Get Organized with an Income Tax Binder — The College Investor tells you how to put a binder together to help with storing your documents until you need them.

Organize Small Business Taxes — So many people are doing a side hustle now and need to understand how that affects their taxes.  Christina’s Adventures gives us tips how to handle this scenario and also has free printables to share.

Why Getting a Large Tax Refund is Bad for You — I’ve heard this, but I kinda like getting a huge sum of money once a year… But Free From Broke explains why that’s not such a great idea.  And he makes sense.

Speaking of tax refunds, feel free to take a look at my own post, 5 Smart Suggestions for Spending Your IRS Tax Refund.  If you do get a nice chunk of change, it’s good to have a plan.

The Big Cleanout: File Cabinets and Tax Papers — Cornerstone Confessions gives organizing tips and tells us when things can be discarded.

And while we’re on the subject of file cabinets, check out this file cabinet makeover at Two Twenty One: Stenciled File Cabinet.  There are lots of file cabinet redos out there; but this is one of the prettiest.

If you don’t like the idea of a traditional file cabinet, Cottage 4C has a tutorial for a Hanging File Folder that hangs on the door.  So cute!!

Track of the Week: I couldn’t resist it… Taxman, by the Beatles.  I’m a Beatles fan from WAY back.  Well, pretty far back, anyway.

Do you have a special system for organizing your income tax filing junk papers? 

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