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Ann-Notated: Homeschool High School Blogroll

If you’ve been following me, you know that I have graduated two (in two months that number goes up to three!) students from our homeschool, so I write frequently about how to homeschool high school.  I thought it would be neat to get together a list of all the other blogs I know of that do the same.

I am SO excited about these blogs, y’all!!  Some of them are blogging buddies of mine; others don’t know me from Adam — but they are ALL excellent go-to resources, with many articles each, to help with the homeschooling high school gig. I’ve linked directly to one of the articles or pages on each blog; your mission (should you choose to accept it!) is to explore the blogs to see what other riches they contain. 🙂

The neat thing about this page is that I will keep adding blogs to the list as I find those that post regularly about the high school years.  This would be a good one to pin and keep handy! 🙂

This is an AMAZING list of resource blogs to have on hand to help homeschool high school. All of them are Annie and Everything approved!

KarenTrina.com: Homeschool High School Round-Up  — This is a list of many of KarenTrina’s posts about high school.  So convenient, all in one place!

BJ’s Homeschool: Three Ways to High School Credit — This helpful post discusses three ways to award credit for high school coursework and/or experience.  Clicking on the “High School” category will yield more articles.

Middle Way Mom: How We Are Tackling Homeschool High School Science — Shannen shares how she and two friends formed their own science co-op.  Gotta love it!  Hint: go to Homeschool – Teens – High School to see more posts.

Starts At Eight: Homeschooling Teenagers — Heidi is another frequent writer about high school.  This article chronicles the posts she’s made along the way.

Education Possible: Finishing Strong Linkup — Education Possible holds a link-up every week for posts just about middle school and high school.  Now THAT is handy!

7 Sisters Homeschool: Favorite Homeschool Posts from 2014 — You can’t go wrong with a list of favorite posts; and you’ll see that most of them deal with high school.  There is also a topic list on the right sidebar to find more.

Sweetness & Light: Helping Your Teen Stay on Track — I found many things to apply for myself in this article; it’s nice to know it’s not just my family that struggles with this!

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus: How to Log Hours for High School — Tina has a lot of great information about homeschooling high school on her site.  This article is one of the best I’ve seen about determining credit hours to put on a transcript.  Hint: enter “high school” into the search box in the left sidebar to find more articles.

Layered Soul: High School Economics Unit Plan — If you like unit study lesson plans, Stacey at Layered Soul has got lots of them for you to peruse, like this one for a 1/2-credit Economics course.  I love the way she utilizes many types of resources — no boring same ‘ol thing here!

Unschool Rules: The Unschooled Version of a Ninth-Grade-ish Curriculum Plan — Wow, if you want to know what unschooling looks like for high school, this is the place to go!  You’ll read detailed accounts of their adventures doing “9th-ish” grade this year.

Our Journey Westward: Homeschooling High School–Student-Led Curriculum  — Here we learn about using a Charlotte Mason approach for high school.  Isn’t it neat how there are so many ways to do this high school thing?  Tip for this site:  go to the “Categories” drop-down menu in the sidebar and choose “high school.”  You’ll find a gold mine.

Blog She Wrote: High School Help — Heather at Blog She Wrote has multiple high school students, and this page is a roundup of the posts about high school on her site.  My favorite may or may not have the words “occasionally motivated high schooler” in the title…

Mom is Forever: High School Homeschool Archives — This blog is unique in that it has posts about specific concepts within a subject.  Scroll down and you will see a post on prepositional phrases, another on geometric shapes — you get the idea.  Neat stuff!

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers: 100 Hands-On Activities for Middle School and High School — I could be BFF’s with anyone who is willing to call themselves weird and be proud of it! 🙂  This huge list of activities has lots you might not have thought of and is just one example of the informational articles about high school on this blog.

Let’s Homeschool High School: FAQ’s — Well, you don’t get much better than a blog that has it all in the name!  I linked directly to their FAQ’s because they cover practically everything there with quick answers that might be just what you’re lookin’ for.

Jimmie’s Collage:  Preparing to Homeschool High School — This post details Jimmie’s thought processes as her oldest was getting ready to start high school.  I love reading how others made the transition!  To find more high school posts, click on the Homeschool category at the top of the page, then on the subcategory for high school.

The End in Mind: College Application: the Parent’s Role — One of the biggest topics when homeschooling high school is applying to college; this post helps determine how much the parent should participate in that process.  This blog has a category drop-down menu on the right side; look for “high school.”

Hip Homeschool Moms: Five Words for Homeschooling High School — “…homeschooling high school is not as scary as I once thought.”  These words from this post at Hip Homeschool Moms echo one of my main purposes for my own blog.  I want EVERYONE to know that homeschooling high school is VERY doable!  For more posts about high school, go to the pull-down menu entitled “Grade Levels” and choose high school.

Breakthrough Homeschooling — Pat is a veteran homeschool mom with lots of great info and insight! I personally love hearing from moms who have already been there, done that, and lived to tell about it! Hindsight is always way more valuable than those that are just now going through it all for the first time, imho.


Phew!  That’s it for now — I think it’s quite a list!  Check back regularly to see if I’ve added any more! 🙂

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Ann Karako

Ann has been homeschooling for 20+ years and has graduated four children (one more to go). She believes that EVERY mom can CONFIDENTLY, COMPETENTLY -- and even CONTENTEDLY -- provide the COMPLETE high school education that her teen needs. Ann's website, AnnieandEverything.com, offers information, resources, and virtual hugs to help homeschool moms do just that. 

Ann has written Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: A Step-by-Step Manual for Research & Planning and Save Your Sanity While Homeschooling High School: Practical Principles for a Firm Foundation. She also founded the popular Facebook group called It's Not that Hard to Homeschool High School, which now has over 27K members; and recently she started the It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast.

She and her family, including two dogs and three cats, live in rural Missouri.


  • Hey Annie,

    What a wonderful round up and help for those entering high school!! I will be sharing it for sure.

    I have my second graduate in a few months too.

    I just love the high school years and wouldn’t give up this time to be with my sons. Such a great payoff!

    Thanks for including my link about high school credit and hope you have a super Saturday.

    • Thanks, Tina! I agree that the high school years have been among the best of all. I love the relationships that I have with my teens as a result. We’re just getting back from a weekend seeing the two college girls, so I had a WONDERFUL Saturday! 🙂 And it is my honor to include your blog; it is such a great resource!

  • Ann- You have an occasionally motivated high schooler too? I’m glad I’m not the only one! Thanks for sharing such a great list of resources and thank you for including Blog, She Wrote on your list.

  • Thanks for linking my post and book here Ann – what a great roundup! So many wonderful insights and ideas for homeschooling these awesome years with our teens! Honored to be part of your link-up and will be bookmarking to share regularly 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Meredith! I sure wish I’d had a book like yours when I was starting out; it would have been so neat to have such a great guide. 🙂

  • Thanks for linking to my blog. Seems like only yesterday that I was graduating my third homeschool graduate and this year I am graduating number six! Whew! Great to see so many resources in one place for high school.

    • I am so grateful for your blog, KarenTrina, because it is always SO helpful to hear from someone who is a little ways ahead… so OF COURSE I would include it here! It’s basically a no-brainer. 🙂

  • What a wonderful gathering of high school resources! Thanks for including my post on High School Credit. I’ll be sharing this great roundup all around! I also blog about applying to college on BJ’s Homeschool. Just click on “Steps to College” on my blog, for lots of posts on making transcripts, writing the college essay, how to get started, and more. My daughter is a newbie freshman in college, always homeschooled, and loving it! Thanks again, Ann! I am honored to be included!

    • Well, of course she does! And I knew that! Now, why didn’t I put her on here?? Aargh… it’s that middle-aged brain of mine, again. Thank you, Sharon, for pointing out that pretty ridiculous oversight of mine!! 🙂

  • This is an incredible list of resources! Thanks so much for posting. I have visited many of those on the list, but was pleased to find a few new resources.

  • Thank you for providing such an AWESOME list of resources/blosgs! This is the best ‘modern blogroll’ I’ve been able to find recently. I’m about to peruse each of these links 🙂

  • Hi there, I’m very interested in learning about the ideas, creativity, encouragement in a homeschool. I’m so happy that you’re sharing so many resources and I will definitely check them out later.

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